Advanced Design Corporation

Street-Level Mapping

An option for the DOPRADĀ® Radar System.

Street-Level Mapping helps identify severe weather radar as it approaches specific locations such as schools, parks, airports, hospitals, or other locations of interest.

  • The Street-Level Mapping feature helps allow you to create nice-looking Custom Maps of your surrounding areas.
  • If you do not have the time to make nice-looking Custom Maps, you can use the Fast-Map feature. This allows you to create a map quickly and effortlessly so that you may use it immediately on-air.
  • Both the Custom and Fast-Map features can draw maps as small as 1 nautical mile in size.
  • Also included is the Home-In feature that allows you to zoom-in closer once you have used a Custom Street-Level Map or created a Fast-Map.

Now you will have the competitive edge you need to keep your viewers better informed.