Advanced Design Corporation

Maintenance for the DOPRAD ® Radar System.

ADC recommends the following information to extend the life of your ADC DOPRAD® Radar System.

Full System Backup: We recommend making frequent Full System Backups of your ADC DOPRAD® Radar System. Only you (not ADC) have a complete backup of your system (specifically in regards to weather map alterations, installation of new weather maps and Set-Up files that have been altered at your station.) NOTE:For DOPRAD FURY® Systems please refer to the documentation included with your shipment.

Lightning Dissipator (For lightning prone areas): Helps mitigate lightning strike damage on your Radome. Candelabra Style Dissipator can be purchased at Lightning Masters either at or Phone 1-800-749-6800 (toll-free).

  • The Model number CA-24-S are the screw-in mount base for those who have screw-in lightning rod in the Radome.
  • The Model number CA-24-C are the clamp mount base for those who do not have screw-in lightning rod in the Radome, or do not want to put it on the Radome, or want to place onto another structure.

R/T Mount Fans: To extend the life of the R/T, ADC recommends that you check the R/T Mount Fan is working; make sure the R/T Mount Fan is blowing downward; make sure the top of the R/T has NO obstructions; and make sure the radome has adequate ventilation. ADC also recommends that you replace the fan every 2 years.

400Hz Power Supply: To ensure that the Power Supply is working properly, please check the following. The Power Supply needs to be at 115 volts AC +/- 5 volts; the frequency output at 400Hz +/- 5Hz; and check for aClean Waveform - Test the Power Supply under LOAD with the R/T Mode set to WX+T at 50 Nautical Miles.

PC Fans: Check to see if the PC/CPU Fan is working and see if the PC Power Supply Fan is working. Also, you will need to make sure that the Fans are clear of dust and debris and that there are NO obstructions.

Alignment and Optimal Performance: ADC recommends that you have your ADC DOPRAD® Radar Components tested and aligned every two years to optimize performance.

Surge Suppressors: If there has been a Lightning Strike, the Surge Suppressor may become unreliable and should be replaced. The Surge Suppressor that is located between the R/T and the Display is Model number DLP-1904. The Surge Suppressor that is attached to the Radar Data and Control Bus at the PC is Model number Cylix DB9-RS422.

* R/T mount fans, alignment, surge suppressors: .available for purchase. Please contact ADC tech support.