Advanced Design Corporation

Introducing: Enhanced Faster Affordable

Repair Service

for Doppler Weather Radar pedestals & receiver transmitters


  • Rental test equipment is also available to test power and insertion loss.
  • Rental equipment is available to help minimize downtime while customer 's unit is in for repair.
  • Units are tested as they are used in the field.
  • Receiver Transmitters aligned to meet and often exceed specifications.
  • Adding reliability with more up-to-date technology.
  • Total rebuilds, and swap outs/upgrade are also available.


  • Often half the turn-around time as compared to the alternative repair facility. (14 days typical turn-around time except for pedestal rebuilds.)


  • Many repair parts cost significantly less than the alternative repair facility.

-405/401 Receiver Transmitter Enhancements:

  • Increase the number of rainfall levels (Mod L). The 4/5-Default Levels are: 20dBZ, 30dBZ, 40dBZ, 45dBZ and 50dBZ. With the 7 Levels, you now also have the 25dBZ and 35dBZ levels.
  • Enhanced alignment (higher power out, better receiver sensitivty)
  • Temperature Switch Mod (Mod T): If the R/T Mount fan fails, this temperature switch help to prevent thermal overheating by switching your R/T unit OFF once it gets above a certain critical temperature.

Pedestal Enhancements:

for ADC part numbers ADC-10128 and ADC-10129 (high gain)

  • New high-tech bearings with high performance, long lasting lubricant
  • Slip ring assembly re-work
  • Greatly Enhanced E2 Version controller card with new software supports sector scans / RHI timeouts (201 Only)
  • "Hardened" RS-422 I/O
  • RS-422 and Opto Isolators socketed
  • Transorbs on I/O and across each bus
  • Re-route shields
  • Enhanced heat sunk FETS with larger protective diodes
  • Low-loss RF Section Replacement Mod (Mod R):
  • Improves reliability and prevents damage of RF section during installation.
  • Approx. 1.0dB improvement roundtrip, 12% of range.