Advanced Design Corporation

Introducing: ADC Mods

For the Doppler Weather Radar pedestals & receiver transmitters

ADC now provides service and repair of the ADC DOPRAD® Weather Radar System.

All of the services provided through ADC's Service Center are not only designed to repair & maintain your system, but to OPTIMIZE your system. Units that have been enhanced/upgraded through ADC's Service Center often leave our facility BETTER than new status!

There is a lot that ADC could do to enhance and upgrade/update your current system!


Pedestal Enhancements: for ADC part numbers ADC-10128 and ADC-10129 (high gain)

  • ADC Mod "R"
  • Low-loss RF Section Replacement Mod: Improves reliability and prevents damage of RF section during installation.


-405/401 Receiver Transmitter Enhancements:

  • ADC Mod "T"
  • Temperature Switch Mod: If the R/T Mount fan fails, this temperature switch helps to prevent thermal overheating by switching your R/T unit off once it gets above a certain temperature.
  • ADC Mod "L"


  • 7-Level Mod to R/T: Adds two additional levels (25dBZ & 35bBZ) for a total of 7 native reflectivity/color levels for displays.